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School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Master of English (M.A) in English Literature

Students completing M.A. in English would have a thorough knowledge of literatures in English up to recent times. The course will also prepare them for literary research and for various professional work that requires excellent communication skills in English and humanistic understanding of the world.

The MA program in English Literature is open to all four-year graduates who have majored in English. Students who have not majored in English may be considered, but will have to complete 12 credits by taking the following BA in English Literature courses:

  • ENG 201 (History of English Literature).
  • ENG 203 (Introduction to Poetry).
  • ENG 305 (Introduction to Prose and Drama).
  • ENG 413 (Western Classics in Translation).

Credit Requirements

Students have to complete 36 credits, which are divided into course work, and thesis or work experience. Students must take the 4 core courses and choose 6 electives, of which at least two must be taken from the student’s own area of focus. For the remaining 6 credits, students have the option to write a thesis or have work experience.

Course and Credit Distribution

Core courses 12 credits (4 courses)
Electives / Optional 24 Credits (8 courses)
Total Degree Requirements 36 Credits

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