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School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Master of English (M.A) in English Language Teaching

Program objective

The aim of the M.A. in English Language Teaching program is to prepare competent teachers of English language and language teaching professionals like teacher trainers or language teaching managers.

Course Structure

Courses will cover the various issues of teaching / learning English language. Theoretical, practical as well as technology-based approaches to language teaching / learning will be taught. Two categories of courses- core and optional – will be offered. A student will also have to write a Thesis on a topic relevant to teaching / learning English language.

Course Duration

For students with BA (Hons.) / MA in English 1 year. For students with BA (Hons.) / MA in Other subjects ( Humanities & Social Sciences ) 18 months . For students with Pass Graduation 2 years .

Total credit hours: 36 hours – 72 hours

Course and Credit Distribution

Core courses 24 credits (8 courses)
Electives / Optional 12 Credits (4 courses)
Total Degree Requirements 36 Credits

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