2nd Winter LFE Spring 2015 at BARD, Comilla

CIU's pioneering Live-in-Field Experience (LFE) Program, where CIU students get a distinctive opportuinity to learn about rural life in Bangladesh, was conducted in January 2015. A team of 50 students supervised by 3 Faculty Members completed the program at BARD, Comilla. The program started on January 4, 2015 and ended on January 15, 2015. The main activities of LFE consisted of collection of information from the villagers', analysis of the collected data, preparation of presentation, and discussion with the instructors. The program concluded with a Cultural Evening along with an Official Dinner and Certificate Distribution Ceremony. Assistant Professor(s) Mr. Atiqur Rahman, Mr. Md. Nayeem Abdullah and Mr. Rahat Bari Tooheen coordinated the LFE program this year.