Spanish Marketing Conference presents Dr. Mahmud’s Paper

Dr. Mahmud Hassan’s research paper on defending the brand within Internet is presented on this year’s Spanish Marketing Conference. The research paper is co-authored with Professor Luis V Casalo of University of Zaragoza; Spain who has presented the paper in this year’s conference. Professor Casalo is a distinguished Spanish marketing professor with numerous papers published in prestigious journals of the world and considered as an authority within the fields of Internet Marketing. Through this particular project the authors were able to explore new value creating behaviors that were not seen within the context of consumer behavior and marketing before. The paper described how within internet consumers add value to the brand by defending the brand through various activities. This behavior is an extension to the current notion that brand loyal consumers engage in word of mouth behavior to promote the brand. Spanish marketing conference draws various academics and researchers from Europe and considered as one of the most prestigious conferences in Europe. Dr. Mahmud Hassan is currently working as Associate Professor in the Independent Business School (IBS) in Chittagong Independent University. His research interests are value creating activities in the social networking sites.