The practical session of 'Andragogy Practicum'

The practical session of ‘ Andragogy Practicum’ , three staged modern communication system, was held today, Thursday, at the auditorium of Chittagong Independent University Chittaggong. Lively presentations of the students of Business Communication course made the session successful. Dr. Mahfuzul Haque Chowdhury , Vice Chancellor, was the chief guest of the program. The chief guest appreciated the initiative and mentioned that this kind of practical session was appropriate to the time and learners could develop their communication skills through this cooperative learning method. Mr. Qaium Chowdhury , visiting scholar, Chittagong Independent University, the initiator of the program stated that ‘Andragogy Parcticum’ had been used extensively in the design of organizational training programs and considered as an alternative to ‘Pedagogy’; ‘teacher-centered or directive learning’. Learners can learn the application of the theoretical knowledge to their job and personal life through the learning technique, tell-show-do, of Adragogy teaching method.

‘Struggle’, ‘If one day’, ‘ David and Goliath’, ‘Sharpen your access’, ‘ Acre of diamond’, ‘Luck favors those’ were role-played by seven groups of students of the course.