CIU holds anti-militancy human chain and discussion program

Teachers, students and employees of Chittagong Independent University formed a human-chain on the university campus on Monday, at 11:00 am, urging for a combined effort to stamp out militancy and terrorism in the country. A discussion meeting was held after the human-chain program. While addressing the human–chain, CIU Vice Chancellor Dr. Mahfuzul Haque Chowdhury said, "Bangladesh is not the place for terrorism, extremism and militancy. Rather, it is a peaceful country of coexistence for the people of all religions and the reputation of Bangladesh should not be smeared by the activities of a few derailed youths". He further said, “Terrorism can be instigated through distorted messages about religion. So, we have to respect each other’s religious beliefs and stand against militancy and terrorism – this should be a promise to ourselves in the month of August, the national mourning month of Bangladesh”. Dr. Nurul Absar Nahid, Dean, Independent Business School, Mosleh Uddin Khaled, Chairman, Human Resource Department and Engr. Rashid A. Chowdhury, Proctor, CIU made speeches against terrorism at the discussion meeting, conducted by Saker Kamrul Mamun, Acting Registrar, Chittagong Independent University. “Some are tainting our religion’s image by killing in the name of Islam and we (people) have to show these people the right way of life,” said Dr. Nurul Absar Nahid, Dean, IBS. Engr. Rashid A. Chowdhury, Proctor, CIU, mentioned, “The new proctorial body of the university is monitoring the activities of students and staff members, and we will not be lenient towards militancy and terrorism”. Mosleh Uddin Khaled, Chairman, Human Resource Department stated, “Problems will creep up and we will have to solve them through dialogue and have to show our stance against terrorism”.

A rally was organized after the discussion meeting and the program ended in front of Press Club, Chittagong.