Inauguration of CIU Annual Sports 2016

The inauguration program of Annual Sports Competition, 2016 was held on 20th October 2016 at Chittagong Independent University campus. Dr. Mahfuzul Hoque Chowdhury , Vice Chancellor, Chittagong Independent University , inaugurated the program. Students of CIU will be able to participate in both indoor and outdoor sports events in this monthlong arrangement. Sports events, such as Cricket, Football, Badminton, Table-tennis (singles and doubles), Pool (singles and doubles), Carom (singles and doubles), Ludo and some other events will be arranged for the male and female students separately. Two events, Ludo and Pool, were held on the first day of the competition. After the inauguration program Dr. Mahfuzul Hoque Chowdhury ,Vice Chancellor, CIU, visited the indoor events and met the participants. Dr. Nurul Absar Nahid, Dean, SOB, Dr. M. Ayub Islam ,Advisor , SOB, Dr. Mahmud Hassan, Chairman, Marketing Department, Dr. Syed Manzur Quader, Chairman, Finance Department, Robaka Shamsher, Assistant Professor, SOB, Mr. Cumar Doyel Dey, Assistant Director, Administration and students of different departments of CIU attended the program. Abu Sohel Mahmud , Assistant Professor, School of Business, is the convener of the event.