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School of Engineering & Computer Science


Prof. Dr. M. Nuruzzaman

  • Dean, School of Engineering & Computer Science

  • +880-31- 611262, 636484, Ext: 117
  • nzaman@ciu.edu.bd
  • Room: 2303, 2nd Floor, Roksana Monzil Unit-2, Chittagong Independent Univeristy

Professor Dr. M. Nuruzzaman is acting as the Dean, School of Engineering and Computer Science (SECS) at Chittagong Independent University. He has had a distinctive teaching career for more than a quarter of a century both at home and abroad. Professor Zaman brings a wealth of knowledge to the institution and is considered a prominent researcher and educator within academia. Before joining CIU Professor Zaman was working with Independent University Bangladesh (IUB) Chittagong Campus since January 2000 as the Coordinator. Professor Zaman has held a number of other positions as well; he was Head, Department of Mathematical Sciences (Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science), Garyounis University, Libya and also Chairman, Department of Statistics, Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka. Professor Zaman has earned his PhD from London School of Economics under the Commonwealth Scholarship. Professor Zaman has published research papers in top ranking international journals, participated in national and international conferences, worked as an Editor for various journals and written several book chapters. He has also earned a number of memberships in professional bodies. Because of his Doctorate Degree from a reputed University and an extensive career in various prestigious positions Professor Zaman is considered as one of the top ranked Professors within Bangladesh.

  • PhD in Statistics, London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE), London, United Kingdom
  • M.Sc. in Statistics, Rajshashi University

  • Commonwealth Scholarship for Ph.D. Program in Statistics in the United Kingdom, 1972-1976
  • D.P.I. Scholarship for M.Sc. Program in Statistics, 1967-1968
  • D.P.I Scholarship for B.Sc. Honors Program in Statistics, 1964-1967

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  • Fertility Differentials in Rural Bangladesh: A Discriminate Analysis Approach, Jour. Stat. Studies, Vol-18, 1998
  • A Comparative Study of General Point Average (GPA) obtained by the students of different faculties of Garyounis University, Libya – A Socioeconomic Prospective: Journal of Garyounis University, Vol-10, 1996
  • Comparative study of per capita electricity consumption and economic standing of the people of Northeastern Libya, 1984-1995, Statistics, Vol-03, Berlin, Germany
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