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School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

SUMMER 2018 (Undergraduate & Graduate)
April 19
Grades to be uploaded at CIU Software & Official end of Spring 2018.
April 26 Application Deadline
April 28
Admission Test (Written) {10: 00 am to 11: 30 am}
April 28
Admission Interview (Viva) {12: 00 pm to 2: 00 pm}
April 28
Admission Test result (after 7: 00 pm)
April 30
Collection and Payment of Admission bill followed by Advising (New Students) {10: 00 am to 1: 00 pm}
April 24-25
Course registration (Returning Students) [Graduate] {5: 00 pm to 7:00 pm}
April 22-25
Course registration (Returning Students) [U/G] {10: 00 am to 1: 00 pm }
May 05
Orientation Program
May 06
Classes Commence
June 26 - july 01
Mid-Term Exams
July 10
Last date of withdrawal from courses
Aug. 02
Classes End
Aug. 05-09
Final Exams
Aug. 16
Grades to be uploaded at CIU Software & Official end of Summer 2018.


School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (SLASS) offers the following program leading to a Bechelor’s degree:

  • BA (Honours) in English

It also provides an integral component of CIU’s academic offerings, the Foundation Courses, for the undergraduates, tailored to enhance critical thinking and essential skills.The creative and challenging environment at SLASS gives students an opportunity to discover their talent. The diversity of the courses offered by the school inspires students to become a communication expert, a master of language, a journalist, a creative writer, a teacher, an anthropologist, a sociologist, an entrepreneur or go on to pursue advance studies. CIU’s extraordinary faculty at SLASS prepares students to be an extraordinary professional and a dynamic member of the global community.