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School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Faculty Members

Quazi Mostain Billah
  • Quazi Mostain Billah
  • Acting Head and Professor
  • M.A from University of Texas at Dalas, U.S.A, M.A from Dhaka University

Charmain Rodrigues
  • Charmain Rodrigues
  • Assistant Professor and Chairman, Department of English
  • MA in English, BA (Hons.) (University of Chittagong), TESOL, ATI (Chaing Mai, Thailand)

Rifat Tasnim
  • Rifat Tasnim
  • Assistant Professor
  • MA in Teaching English as an International Language and Materials Development (Leeds Metropolitan University, UK), MA in English Literature, BA(Hons.)(University of Chittagong)

Md. Saifur Rahman
  • Md. Saifur Rahman
  • Assistant Professor
  • Fulbright FLTA Davis and Elkins College (Elkins, West Virginia), MA, BA(Hons.) in English (University of Chittagong)

Shakila Mustaque

Asiqur Rahman
  • Asiqur Rahman
  • Lecturer
  • BA(Hons.) & MA in ELL, University of Chittagong MA in ELT, University of Chittagong

Leema Sen Gupta
  • Leema Sen Gupta
  • Lecturer
  • MA, BA(Hons.) in English, University of Chittagong

Ummey  Haney Pinkey

Nasih Ul Wadud Alam
  • Nasih Ul Wadud Alam
  • Lecturer
  • PhD Candidate(Islamic University, Kushtia), MA, BA in English, East West University

Syeda Fahmida Jahan
  • Syeda Fahmida Jahan
  • Manager , School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
  • MSS, BSS(Hons.) in Anthropology, University of Chittagong

Adjunct Faculty Members

Mohammed Obaidul Karim
  • Mohammed Obaidul Karim
  • Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Chittagong
  • Ph.D, M.A, B.A (Sociology, University of Chittagong)

  • Sifat-e-Rabbani
  • Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Chittagong