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Welcome to Chittagong Independent University– also known by its acronym CIU. The University was started its journey in 1999 on the first private university as an additional campus of Independent University Bangladesh (IUB) at Chittagong. CIU is committed to prepare its students as able professionals --- creative, committed, liberal, alive to their environment and capable to contribute to the country’s advancement as well as achieve their goals in a rapidly changing economic and civic environment. CIU is known among its students and graduates for providing a good mix of study and social life. A host of activities - including sport, clubs, societies, employment services, accommodation, student services, scholarships, teaching, learning, research - contribute to the total CIU experience

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There are three academic semesters namely, Autumn, Spring and Summer.

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School of Science and Engineering

Tuition Fees Of B.Sc Engineering

B.Sc Engineering Fee Structure

Total Credit Hours: 140
Course Duration: 4 Years

Program Total Credit Hours Total Amount (BDT.)
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (CSc.) 140 6, 35, 000
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (CE) 140 6, 35, 000
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) 140 6, 35, 000
Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) 140 6, 35, 000
Bachelor of Science in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (ETE) 140 6, 35, 000
Details Fee Structure
Details Amount (BDT.) Total Amount (BDT.)
Admission Fee (Once in 4 years) 15,000 15,000
Activity Fees for semester (Total: 12 Semesters) 5,000 X 12 60,000
Development Fee (Total: 12 Semesters) 3,000 X 12 36,000
Tuition Fee (per Credit) 4,000 x 140 5, 60, 000
Total Amount 6,71,000
25% tuition scholarship (-) 1,40,000
Total Fee for B.Sc Engineering (In words: Five Lac Thirty One Thousand only) 5,31,000

B.Sc Engineering Fee Structure

Scholarships based on CIU CGPA is mentioned below:

3.51 – 3.69 30%
3.70 – 3.79 50%
3.80 – 3.84 75%
3.85 – 4.0 100%