Chittagong Independent University


Acquisition Section

Acquisition department of the CIU Library is responsible to collect library reading materials. With the help of the university faculty members and administration, this section is conscientious for the implementation of the University’s acquisition policy. It is liable for the acquisition of all book and non-book reading materials. This can be done through purchase, donation, gift or exchange. CIU library acquires books and other reading materials on CIUBS, SSE, SLASS and SoL. Other activities falling under the acquisitions section include: checking of bills and correspondence regarding the procurement of all sort of reading materials and answering to queries related to reference and bibliographical works -particularly acquisition.

The Acquisition section of the CIU Library performs the following activities generally:

  • Preparing book requisition;
  • Requisition collection from teachers/students/administrative staffs;
  • Ordering books to the vendors;
  • Receiving books and verifying with order list;
  • Purchasing Magazine, Journal, Periodicals and Newspapers [following same procedure].

Technical Section (Processing)

Processing Section is generally treated as Technical section at the CIU Library. This section performs generally, accessioning, checking, classifying and cataloguing of library materials, inputting books related data to the database and updating continuously, book preparation activities, bindings, mending and repairing as well as maintenance of e-resources tasks. The Library materials (Books) have been arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. The cataloguing is done under the AACR-2 (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules-2) and classification is done following DDC 21st edition. CIU library is maintaining online public access catalogue (OPAC) using KOHA (An Integrated library management software) for searching library resources.

Circulation Section

In this section of CIU Library, following activities are performed:

  • Preparation of library membership card for students, teachers and staff members.
  • Maintenance of membership records of students, teachers and staff members.
  • Renewing membership in each semester.
  • Issuance of books keeping appropriate records with date of issue and due date
  • Receiving the returned books and canceling the issue records.
  • Calculating fines and sending the information on charging fine to the incumbent and concerned offices.
  • Keeping records of charging fines and payment thereof
  • Reservation for books for issue.
  • Preparing defaulter list.
  • Circulation control for reference books.
  • Issuance of clearance
  • Maintenance of Library jobs both in Safe keeping and ERC

Reference Section

The followings are the main activities of CIU Library Reference Sections:

  • Keeping records for general reference books and subject reference books
  • Preparing list for subject reference books on various subjects for providing information on request.
  • Keeping various documents prepared for documentation services.
  • Preparing various information providing items on different subject on request of users.

Journals, Periodicals and Newspaper Section

CIU subscribes both national and international journals, periodicals, electronic journals and magazines regularly. This section provides fifteen daily newspapers, among them twelve are national and the rest of three are local. Another activity of this section is:

Bill preparation of newspaper, Magazine, Journals and periodicals;

  • Yearly purchase planning;
  • Budgeting;
  • Sending Acknowledgement letter for complementary journals;
  • Sending reminder for lost issues of journal and magazines;
  • Journal periodicals database maintenance;
  • Report generation on various issues.

Information Services

An on-demand information retrieval service is available to all clients. In addition, the Library maintains a News Clipping covering 40 titles & publishes monthly New Arrivals containing the list of books received in the previous month. The Library also provides Indexing and Current Contents services. Current Contents are published twice/thrice a month, which include the copy of the content pages of the periodicals received in the last fortnight or three weeks.

The CIU Library is equipped with a reasonable collection of books, journals, audio-video materials, CD-ROMs on a wide variety of subjects. It renders various services on resources available including various references and reading materials for teachers, researchers, and students. The CIU Library maintains open access systems to facilitate easy access to readers are at liberty to select the right book of their choice.

The library has the opportunity to be a leader of innovation for information resources. The digital electronic library of the future would provide a vital part of the information society in this regard. The CIU Library has a dream of excellence, to be a good Library and Information Service provider as a vital component of the university and aspires to being recognized nationally as a leading, innovative library and information service center; acclaimed as an integral part of university's academic processes; the preferred provider of information to the users, particularly the CIU community. And thus we may face the future with enthusiasm and optimism.

Library's collection is geared to providing information pertinent to its curriculum and services. Most of the collections of the CIU Library are closely related to the university's courses and these are classified, catalogued and displayed using international and professional standards. The Library resources include books, periodicals, university catalogues, newspapers, audiocassettes, videocassettes, CD-ROMs, data disks etc.

E-Resources Cum Cyber Center

CIU library maintains an e-resource cum cyber centre with ten computers and high speed broadband internet connectivity attached to the library space to provide e-resource and internet browsing facilities to the users for using online journals

Documentation Section

It is an important service for library users. CIU library provides this service to its user. Proper documentation ensures the better user’s service. Activity of this section is:

  • Preparing the list of newly additions books by subject, title and author;
  • Preparing the current awareness list of journals;
  • Preparing list of journal articles by subject and title;
  • Preparing annotated bibliography of journal articles;
  • Preparing bibliography on dissertations;
  • Preparing current awareness list of articles published in the daily news paper.

File management is also a function of documentation section. Different types of file are used in CIU library. At CIU a separate shelf is used for file maintenance. File management includes the following activities:

Acquisition Section
  • Purchase file maintenance
  • Budget file maintenance
  • Purchase requisition file maintenance
Reference Section
  • Acknowledgement file maintenance
  • Paper cutting file maintenance
  • Private university file maintenance
  • Other official file maintenance

Maintenance Section

Library maintenance section acts for repairing and maintence of library equipments, furniture, and services with the support of the CITS, administration and civil engineering department CIU. The responsible person of this section makes requisition to the concerned service department and make continuous lobby till the work is done.

Audio Visual Section

In the CIU Library, a good number of audio-visual materials also available for its users including 963 CD’s, 138 Audio Cassette, and 38 DVD of books and others.

Reprographic and Reproduction section

This section of the library offers photocopying services to teachers, scholars, students, fellows, staff and other categories of users. These services are available for academic purposes only, subject to the payment of a nominal fee. The money collected from photocopy services goes to University accounts. Following others activities are performed by the reprographic sections of CIU Library:

  • Maintaining records of reprographic service provided
  • Keeping record of reprographic charges collected
  • Keeping records of expenditure for duplicating paper and toner used.