Chittagong Independent University

Frequently Asked Questions

Library Facilities and Administration

  • Where is the Library?
    The Main Library is located at 4th floor of Roksana Manjil-1, Campus-3, 16-Jamal Khan Road, Chittagong. The total area of library is 6777.54sft with a seating capacity of 350 students. An Electronic Resource Centre (ERC) is attached with the library where students can search their required information through internet and can read the online journals.
  • Where can I park?
    Student can’t park car on the parking area of Library Building. If you want to know more about parking or parking area you have to contact with Administration.
  • How is the Library structured?
    The Library is made up with 07 department or section which are as–Acquisition,Technical (Processing), Circulation, Reference, Periodical, Reader’s Service and Special Service section. All of the libraries share a single online catalog and all contribute materials to the main stacks.
  • Can you tell me about the Library and its history?
    Read about the History of the Library.
  • Can I suggest a purchase for the Library?
    Yes, you can. Please contact with the Librarian.
  • Can I donate books or other materials to the Library?
    There is an opportunity to donate the books and other reading materials to the library. Those who are interested to donate may contract with the Library Head directly. Usually letter of acknowledgment are issued after having the donation.
  • Can I buy books from the Library?
    No, CIU library is for academic purposes. Only user can issue the books according to the library rules.
  • How can I get a campus job at the Library?
    Contact with library the Library Head for information. For details see Campus Employment Program.

Library Services

  • How can I become a member of this library?

    For a new student of CIU, he/she has to show his Money Receipt of admission or Identity Card to concern officials at library. After proving himself as a valid student of CIU he/she has to submit a prescribed Membership Form along with one copy of passport sized recent photograph. After entering the details of the student in library database, a student can be treated as a member of the CIU Library.

    For a faculty or official of CIU, he/she has to show his appointment letter to concern officials at library. After proving himself as a valid employee of CIU he/she has to submit a prescribed Membership Form along with one copy of passport sized recent photograph. In addition, the library official will contact Accounts and Finance Department to verify his/her Employee ID. After entering the details of the faculty or official in library database, he/she can be treated as a member of the CIU Library.

  • Who are the responsible officials for membership?
    For faculty and officials membership contact Ms. Sakina Sultana and for students membership contact Mr. Md. Rashedur Rahman.
  • Who can use the library facilities?
    CIU faculty, official, student and alumni who has valid membership of CIU Library can use CIU Library.
  • How long my membership is valid?
    For a student, his/her membership is valid up to two days before the deadline of each semester.
  • How can I activate my membership?
    To activate membership he/she has to show his/her Money Receipt of admission or Identity Card to concern officials at library. Then the concerned official verify and update his/her details from the library database. After updating his/her details, the membership will be activated for current semester.
  • How many resources a user can borrow at a time?
    At present, as per revised circulation rule, an undergraduate student himself/herself may borrow (03 books + 03 BooksCD/DVD) + 1 Movie, and graduate student himself/herself may borrow (05 books + 05 BooksCD/DVD) + 2 Movies respectively.
  • How long a user can retain resources?
    An undergraduate student himself/herself may retain for 10 days and a graduate student is for 15 days.
  • How many times a user can renew a material?
    It depends on user type and circulation policy, as we have just implemented our new Library Management System, so we are in a transition way to test all the opportunities which is better for our users as one function is related to other.
  • What is overdue charges or fines?
    If a student fails to return the Library materials on time he/she will have to pay fine. The fine is for general collection Tk. 10/= per day and for reserved collection Tk.10/= per hour. Overdue fine should be calculated from the date/time mentioned on the due slip of the material.
  • How do I check out a book, get a Library card, or pay a fine?
    For checking out books, journals or any kinds of library materials you’ll need your library card. Circulation Section is responsible for checking-in and out of books and other materials, issuance of library cards, library fines, and other issues relating to library accounts. Questions about your account or other circulation-related questions, please visit the Circulation Section.
  • How do I renew my materials online?
    Yes, just visit library web site and renew library materials following the procedure.
  • Where can I find the Library's hours and/or locations?
    Visit library: and go to about library where hours and location are available.
  • Are there any computers in the Library that I can use?
    In library there is an Electronic Resource Centre (ERC) where students can use the computers.
  • Where can I check my email in the Library?
    By using Electronic Resource Centre (ERC) any registered user can check his/her mail. Any user can use the centre maximum 01 hour at a time.
  • Is there a place where I can watch or listen to media materials in the Library?
    Yes, the audio visual materials can be used and user can listen or watch the necessary things.
  • How and where can I make photocopies in the Library?
    Photocopy service is available in the library. User can make copies giving payment. Cost per page Tk.2.00.
  • Where can I get internship/project bound?
    A user can get internship/project bound at the library internship shelves.
  • Where can I get LFE (Live in Field Experience) report?
    A user can get LFE (Live in Field Experience) report at respective seminar library or at the library where are deposited.
  • Is there a phone I can use in the Library?
    Students are not allowed to make call from Library phone instead they can use university PABX system if necessary.
  • What if I lost something at the Library?
    Please contact with CITS.
  • Where can I get more help?
    For more help user has to contract with the library, especially at the Circulation Section.
  • Can a librarian help me if the Library is closed?
    Yes, considering the situation librarian can help you if the library is closed.

Finding Materials

  • How can I search the online catalogue of CIU Library?
    Anybody can search CIU Library online catalogue through its user friendly Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), the link is in CIU Library home page. Just check that how much we have made your life easy. The link is
  • How do I find a specific item?
    Through Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) service user can find any specific items. This service will provide by the Circulation Section.
  • Where can I look up books and non-print materials?
    Library has a large number of non-printed materials especially audio visual materials i.e. cassette, CD-ROM, DVD etc. at the Audio-Visual section of the library. Users can borrow its’ for 10 days as required.
  • Does the library have E-books?
    CIU library have no e-book now. We have been planning to subscribe e-books through UGC Digital Library Consortium.
  • What is E-journal?
    Any journal that is available over the Internet can be called an 'electronic journal' or 'e-journal'. Some e-journals are freely available; others have charging mechanisms of different types. Some are issued by established publishers; others are produced from an individual academic's office. For established journal titles, the numbers with electronic versions are growing rapidly. Most of the large journal publishers, particularly in the science and business area already produce electronic versions and there are now several thousand e-journal titles in existence. Some electronic journals can be accessed from some limited PC of CIU. Access may depend on the payment of an institutional subscription.
  • How do I find electronic resources?
    Only electronic journal is available at ERC. The Online Journals and Databases page allows finding electronic resources. By using user ID the registered user can read the journals and download on limited scale if required.
  • Can I find university catalogs at the Library?
    Yes, contact with the circulation section and collect the university catalogue from the library.

Campus Employment Program

  • Is there any part time job for University students?
    Yes, only for the undergraduate students there is an opportunity for part time job under ‘Campus Employment Program’ of the University. Campus Employment Program helps a student to gain job experience and environment which lead to be a successful leader of the future and develop mental faculties in various ways.
  • What is the procedure to apply for the job?
    Beginning of every semester library announces a notice for Campus Employment describing eligibility and procedure for application. Complete application form have to submit after completing advising (registration) and add drop. A passport size photograph is needed to submit with the form.
  • What is the eligibility of the job?
    Any registered undergraduate student who has library membership and have completed at least 01 semester is eligible for the job. Punctual, laborious, dutiful, language proficiency and have enough knowledge about computer and networking get more preference in selection.
  • In which section the job is assigned?
    Mainly the job is divided in to two areas: one is the safe keeping area and other is Electronic Resource Centre (ERC). Moreover students also have to help in shelving the books and other reading materials to proper place, preparation of book cards and data entry purposes.
  • How the duty roster maintain?
    Usually job is assigned depend on leisure period of the students. Each student can do maximum 20 hours in a week.
  • How much payment is per hour and what is the system?
    Students get US $ 1 per hour and payment goes through the bank account from the Finance & Accounts Department.

Mathematics and Science Olympiad Corner

  • How can a school or college student can get a membership of Mathematics Olympiad corner?
    Membership procedure is going on. Please download membership form.

Chittagong Hill tracts

  • Collection specialization of Chittagong region and hill-tract which includes history, culture, customs, traditions, racial difference, etc.