Chittagong Independent University

Library Services

Reading Room Service

The CIU Library maintains two reading rooms for silent study area and another is group study area whereas the total seating capacity is about 370.

Lending Service

Library members are entitled to borrow books, other reading materials from library for their own use. Library materials cannot be borrowed on behalf of others.

  • The students may borrow maximum 3 (three) books at a time for 10 (Ten) days.
  • The faculty members may borrow course related books for one semester.
  • CIU staffs members may also borrow the library materials.

Reference Service

Reference materials are not for borrowing/lending. Students may borrow books which marked R (Reference) for few hours through cards.

Information Service

Information retrieval services are available for all users.

Photocopy Services

Library provides photocopy facilities to the library members from library materials if it is permitted under the national and international copyright laws, rule and regulations.

Internet Service

Apart from the CIU computer lab, the library has 10 computers (Electronic Resource Center) inside the library to provide internet services through WiFi & broadband internet connections.

News Clipping Service

News clipping services on important subject have been providing on regular basis for library users. In addition, there is a newspaper corner in library where 14 leading daily Newspaper is kept for students. Library users may get back issues of newspaper up to the last 01 (one) year.

CD-ROM & Audiovisual service

Library users may issue or copy CD-ROM and audio visual materials.

Math & Science Olympiad Corner

The library has an up to date collections of math & Science books for school & college students.