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Dr. Mir Mohammed Nurul Absar, Commonwealth-AMDISA Fellow

Dr. Mir Mohammed Nurul Absar
  • Professor of HRM, CIU Business School

  • +880-31- 622946, 636484, 02333352926, 02333351262 Ext: 135
  • Room: 3309, 2nd Floor, CIU Business School, Chittagong Independent Univeristy

Dr. Mir Mohammed Nurul Absar has currently been working as Professor at CIU Business School, Chittagong Independent University (CIU). He also served CIU Business School as founding dean from 2016-2018. Before joining CIU, Dr. Absar served East Delta University (EDU), Chattogram as Professor & Associate Dean.After completing his PhD in Human Resources Management (HRM) from the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh; Dr Absar carried out Post-Doctoral Research at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta and University Sains Malaysia (USM) under the prestigious ‘Commonwealth - AMDISA' fellowship. Dr Absar has more than 30 publications, which have been cited over 500 times. Dr Absar has been working as the Founding Editor of CIU Journal, the official journal of CIU; and Founding Associate Editor of South Asian Journal of Human Resources Management (published by SAGE, one of the top global publishers; & indexed in Scopus, ESCI, ABS, ABDC)).Dr. Absar has recently been named in the AD Scientific Index's World Scientists and University Ranking 2022 as the best scientist of the university (CIU) and one of the top three scientists of Bangladesh in the field of HRM.

  • Post Doctoral, Indian Institute of Management, University Sains Malaysia, 2012- 2013
  • PhD in HRM, University of Chittagong, 2010
  • MBA, Major in Management, University of Chittagong, 1999
  • BBA, Major in Management, University of Chittagong, 1997

Commonwealth – AMDISA Post Doctoral Fellowship 2012-2013.
Sponsored by Commonwealth Secretariat, UK and administered by Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia (AMDISA), a SAARC recognized body headquatered in Hyderabad, India.

  • Editor, (from January 2018), CIU Journal
  • Guest Editor, Special Issue on ‘HRM in Bangladesh: Past, Present, and Future’, of South Asian Journal of Human Resources Management (A Scopus indexed SAGE Journal) to be published in December 2022.
  • Associate Editor, (from June 06, 2013), South Asian Journal of Human Resources Management (A Scopus indexed SAGE Journal)

Human capital disclosures in emerging economies, developing teaching cases in strategy and HRM, sustainability, change management, knowledge management.

Voeten, J., & Absar, M. M. N. (2018). Bangladesh: Qualitative study on innovation in manufacturing small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs): Exploration of policy and research issues. Netherlands: Tilburg University. (Funded by DFID, UK; Administered by Tilburg University, Netherlands).

Sl. Teaching Cases
1 Absar, M. M. N., Akhter, S., & Srivastava, R. (2022). BSRM Steel, Bangladesh: Growing from building safety to caring hearts. Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies 12 (2). (Scopus).
2 Absar, M.M.N., Srivastava, R. and Akhter, S. (2021). Leadership through differentiation: Hero’s journey with Niloy Motors in the motorcycle industry of Bangladesh. Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, 11(1). (Scopus).
Sl. Book Review
1 Absar, M. M. N. (2021). [ Review of the book First among equals: 'T-R-E-A-T’ leadership for ‘L-E-A-P' in a knowledge-based world by V. Gupta]. South Asian Journal of Human Resources Management, 8(2), 299-303. (ESCI, Scopus).
Sl. Book Chapter
1 Chowdhury, M. H., Absar, M. M. N., & Quader, S. M. (2020) Challenges and developments in the higher education system of Bangladesh: Keys to way forward. In P. Sarangapani & R. Pappu (Eds.) Handbook of education systems in South Asia. Singapore: Springer.
Sl. Research Papers
1 Absar, M. M. N., Dhar, B.K., Mahmood, M., & Emran, M. (2021). Sustainability disclosures in emerging economies: Evidence from human capital disclosures on listed banks’ websites in Bangladesh. Business and Society Review, 126 (3), 363-378. (ESCI, Scopus).
2 Mahmood, M., Absar, M. M. N., & Uddin, M. A. (2018). Understanding comparative and international HRM: A review of three main theoretical perspectives. CIU Journal, 1 (1), 20- 40.
3 Absar, M. M. N. (2016). Stakeholders’ views on voluntary human capital disclosures in corporate annual reports of top Bangladeshi and Indian listed companies. Journal of Human Values, 22(3), 209-220. (ESCI, Scopus].
4 Absar, M. M. N., & Mahmood, M. (2015). Human resource management practices in Bangladesh: Current scenario and future challenges. South Asian Journal Human Resource Management, 2 (2), 171-188. (ESCI, Scopus).
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6 Absar, M. M. N. (2014). Voluntary Reporting of Human Capital in the Corporate Annual Reports: A Comparative Study of Bangladesh, India, and Malaysia. South Asian Journal of Management, 21 (3), 31-50. (AMDISA).
7 Absar, M. M. N., Amran, A., & Nejati, M. (2014). Human Capital reporting: Evidence from the banking sector of Bangladesh. International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital, 11 (3), 244-258. (Scopus).
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10 Absar, M. M. N. (2012). Industrial relations in Bangladesh: A comparative scenario between Public and Private sectors. The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, 48 (1) (JSTOR).
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13 Absar, M. M. N., Azim, M. T., Nimalathasan, B., & Akhter, S. (2010). Impact of human resources practices on job satisfaction: Evidence from manufacturing firms in Bangladesh. Economic Sciences Series, LXII (2).