Chittagong Independent University
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Summer-2021 (Undergraduate & Graduate)
Apr. 29
Grades due at Controller of Exams. Office & Official end of Spring 2021
June 17 Application Deadline
May 02-06
Course registration (Returning Students) [U/G] {10: 00 am to 1: 00 pm }
May 02-03
Course registration (Returning Students) [Graduate] {10: 00 am to 01: 00 pm}
June 19
Orientation Program {11: 00 am}
May 23
Classes Commence
June 20
Classes Commence ( Newly Admitted Undergraduate Students in summer 2021 )
July 04 - 08

Mid-Term Exams
Aug. 12
Last date of withdrawal from courses
Aug. 18
Classes End
Aug. 22-26

Final Exams
Sep. 02
Grades due at Controller of Exams. Office & Official end of Summer 2021

About SSE


School of Business

The School of Science and Engineering (SSE), previously named School of Engineering & Computer Science (SECS), traces its root back to 1993 when Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) was founded and its outer campus in Chittagong was emerged. Later in 2013, Chittagong Independent University (CIU) was established and the journey of SSE took off with new goals. Today this school continues to be one of the major schools of CIU aiming to produce world class engineering graduates.

In addition to Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) and Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (ETE) programs, SSE has added one Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) program in Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Considering only permanent faculties currently the school’s teacher student ratio is 1:14. Adjunct faculties from Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET) and Chittagong University (CU) have made the school vibrant and diversified. In order to meet the quality and competency of our students we regularly arrange seminars and workshops, a week or a month long training programs (such as Android Apps Development, Robotics, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Industrial Automation, Advanced Programming etc.) through our clubs. Moreover, arranging programs like National High School Programming Contest (NHSPC) 2015 and also Inter School & Colleges Programming Contest, Workshop on Programming for High School and College teachers etc. we have shown our commitment towards local society too. Ongoing monthly seminars from faculties have inspired the academics and students.


SSE will support the development of our country by discovering and advancing knowledge through scholarship, dissemination of knowledge through teaching and outreach, creative experimentation of ideas and concepts of technology needs. Excellence and diversity in research are essential to our mission built on our strong collaboration with industry and government research laboratories. SSE foster, create and develop capacity amongst students to become future leaders in academia, government, industries and entrepreneurial pursuit through a rigorous curriculum of theory and application that develops the ability to solve problems individuality and in teams.


We envisioned CIU to be known as the number one destination in the country for science and engineering education. At SSE we facilitate our students with contemporary and rigorous educational experiences containing modern curriculum, up-to-date lab and field work. We focus to provide an atmosphere that facilitates personal commitment to the educational success of students in an environment that values diversity and community by promoting education and research partnerships with different universities and industries. We have designed undergraduate programs that integrate global awareness, communication skills and team building across the curriculum. Introducing Post Graduate program in different disciplines departments would be one of our next central activities within shortest possible time focusing internationally recognized research programs Graduate education and training that prepares students for interdisciplinary engineering research and advanced problem solving. We target to build leadership and service to meet society’s needs.


The objectives of SSE are to disseminate, create and advance knowledge wisdom and understanding and to offer education of the high standard by teaching, research, training and extension program. Our effort is to give effect to the spirit of national and international good will, friendship and partnership, as well as the desire of our people for the overall benefits off society and sustainability of engineering technology know how. Furthermore, our objectives include-

  • Develop interdisciplinary, problem-based academic program aligned with engineering and technical education.
  • Integrate IT based resources from around the world.
  • Create applied, evidence-given research activities on problem solving of national and international forum.


SSE students are associated with several clubs (e.g. iSEC, Robotics Club) of CIU for their extracurricular activities. The club which is mostly linked with SSE activities is Independent Science & Engineering Club (iSEC). The SSE activities are divided into following sectors which are important for a student to enhance his/her knowledge to meet the demand of modern technological world.

  • Seminar/Workshop.
  • Study Tour.
  • Programming Contest.
  • Senior Project.
  • Campus Employment Program.
  • Live in Field Experience.