Chittagong Independent University
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Autumn-2022 (Undergraduate & Graduate)
Aug. 17
Classes End
Aug. 21-25

Final Exams
Sep. 05
Grades due at Controller of Exams. Office & Official end of Summer 2022
Sep. 04 - 05
CIU Admission Festival
( For Autumn- 2022)
Sep. 12 Application Deadline
( For Autumn-2022 admissions)
Sep. 13
Admission Test ( Written )
{10: 00 am to 11: 30 am}
Sep. 13
Admission Interview ( Viva ) {12: 00 pm to 2: 00 pm}
Sep. 13
Admission Test result
(after 5: 00 pm)
Sep. 14
Payment of Admission Bill followed by Advising (New Students)
{10: 00 am to 1: 00 pm}
Sep. 11 - 15
Returning students Registration / Advising (Returning Students) [U/G] {10: 00 am to 1: 00 pm }
Sep. 11 - 12
Returning students Registration / Advising (Returning Students) [Graduate]
{10: 00 am to 01: 00 pm}
Sep. 15
Orientation Program (Autumn-2022) {11: 00 am}
Sep. 18
Classes Commence
Oct. 30 - Nov. 03
Mid-Term Exams
Nov. 10
Last date of withdrawal from courses
Dec. 08
Classes End
Dec. 11-15

Final Exams
Dec. 29
Grades due at Controller of Exams. Office & Official end of Autumn 2022

About School of Law, CIU:

School of Law

Welcome to the School of Law

Chittagong Independent University (CIU) School of Law (SOL) started its journey with a clear mission of contributing towards the transformation of Bangladesh state and society through improved legal education. CIU School of Law is not interested in producing parrot lawyers' and 'literalistic judges' who are obsessed with reciting law books or statutes verbatim. Rather, our vision is to create legal professionals whose passion for law and compassion for humanity will allow them to work tirelessly for the suffering humanity through practicing innovative and humanistic interpretation of the law. The motto of our School is 'Learning by Serving'. Thus the mission of CIU Law School goes beyond mere academic practices. The school established with a vision to generate law graduates who will not only serve the law and their clients with professionalism and integrity but also make a contribution in nation-building by pro bono lawyering and judicial activism. With this end in view, the Law School realizes that it is insufficient to simply know the "rules". Rather, our students must learn also what underlies these rules. Students are, therefore, not only taught what the law is, but also what the law ought to be. To accomplish this objective, the SOL has been working relentlessly in designing and redesigning its model of legal education. The curriculum of the School of Law blends the academic rigors of the classroom with the real-life experience of contemporary society. Our distinguished faculty both from home and abroad is composed of academics, iudges and practicing lawyers who possess academic excellence, practical skills and superior ability. Our students have the opportunity to learn in a collegial and cooperative learning process that facilitates students' learning of doctrinal knowledge and practical skills in a more accomplished manner. ClU School of Law is duty-bound to produce the finest judges, practicing lawyers, academics and dedicated leaderships in public and private sectors of the nation. Finally, CIU School of Law will give you a taste of the transformative approach to a complete legal education.

Vision of the School of Law:

The Chittagong Independent University School Of Law intends to prepare outstanding lawyers and legal trained professionals to serve their local, national, and global communities with excellence, integrity, and professiona ism; and through its scholarship and service strives to contribute to the development of the law and a more •ust society. The School of Law envisions to be a center of excellence that advances knowledge in law through participatory earning and interdisciplinary inquiry. It seeks to promote the development of new knowledge by utilizing strengths and opportunities including promoting teamwork.

Mission of the School of Law:

The School of Law (SOL) aims at imparting quality legal education as per the needs of the changing world. The SOL has a clear mission of making law students well equipped in both theoretical knowledge and practical skills so that they can enter into the legal profession with a comprehensive understanding of the law. Major goals of the School of Law are:
1. Serving justice, the legal profession, the people of Bangladesh, the nation, and the world.
2. Placing students and their Success in the center of everything, while promoting excellence and opportunity.
3. Fostering a scholarly community that promotes a passion for the pursuit of knowledge, the exchange of impactful ideas, innovative research, and transformative teaching.
4. Modelling and instilling integrity and professional values.
5. Cultivating a diverse, inclusive, and civil community where everyone is valued and supported.

Why Study at CIU School of Law?

  • Global Standard Legal Education of Your City
  • Faculties with Foreign Degree LLB (Honours) with Specialization
  • Specialized Master of Laws (LLM) in Human Rights
  • Credit Transfer Facilities
  • Student Exchange with Foreign University
  • Class Facilities with Judges and Faculty Members from Public Universities
  • Online Class Facilities with Foreign Faculty Members
  • Seminar or Webinar on round the year
  • Student's Court Visit
  • The School of Law Society for students
  • The Debating and Mooting Club for students
  • The Legal Training Institute for students opportunity to participate in the International Moating Competition
  • Career Opportunities

  • Judiciary
  • Legal Assignment in the Ministry
  • Magistracy
  • Legal Advisory positions
  • Legal Practice
  • Arbitration
  • Academic (University Teaching)
  • Bangladesh Civil Service
  • Bangladesh Military Service
  • Specialized Practitioner (Immigration, Corporate, Tax & VAT, Land & Real Estate etc)
  • Legal Executive in Regulatory Agencies
  • Legal Officer
  • Legal Executive in International Organizations
  • Notary Public
  • Public Prosecution
  • Human Rights Activists
  • Researcher and Consultant (National and
  • Solicitorship
  • International Organizations
  • School of Business School of Business School of Business