Chittagong Independent University
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School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Summer-2021 (Undergraduate & Graduate)
Apr. 29
Grades due at Controller of Exams. Office & Official end of Spring 2021
June 17 Application Deadline
May 02-06
Course registration (Returning Students) [U/G] {10: 00 am to 1: 00 pm }
May 02-03
Course registration (Returning Students) [Graduate] {10: 00 am to 01: 00 pm}
June 19
Orientation Program {11: 00 am}
May 23
Classes Commence
June 20
Classes Commence ( Newly Admitted Undergraduate Students in summer 2021 )
July 04 - 08

Mid-Term Exams
Aug. 12
Last date of withdrawal from courses
Aug. 18
Classes End
Aug. 22-26

Final Exams
Sep. 02
Grades due at Controller of Exams. Office & Official end of Summer 2021


Department of English

The department of English, under the School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences ( SLASS),has a goal to equip students understand, appreciate, and discuss forms of literary expression across historical and national boundaries, while providing them the freedom and support to pursue their particular interests. The Department offers a four year undergraduate programme in English Literature and also in English Language Teaching (ELT). Linguistics is integrated into it.

Why Study English?

This is one of the country’s most prestigious degrees in English Language and Literature, in one of the top rated English departments. With qualified academic staff, it teaches across the whole spread of English studies. Our English programmes are distinguished by this outstanding range of activity.

Our expertise covers all periods of English Literature (from Anglo-Saxon to contemporary), American and postcolonial literatures, literary theory, English language teaching methodologies and Linguistics. Teaching is at the heart of what we do, and we seek, at all levels, to encourage forms of critical thinking that have a wide application in the contemporary world. The degree at CIU offers many opportunities for academic, personal, and professional development. The ELT programme is appropriate / valuable for those who would like to build up career in English Language teaching. The structure of the degree and the variety of modules on offer allows students to maintain a breadth of coverage while also developing a more specialized focus in areas of particular interest. Teaching methods very often incorporate seminars and workshops, and students’ time is equally divided between a series of workshops and lectures.

Career Prospects and Graduate Destinations

Graduates in English have wide range of career opportunities: teaching, law, journalism, advertising, banking, publishing, local government, non- government organizations, insurance, arts administration, overseas jobs and so on. The department fosters the Film Club, Debating Club which enrich your intellectual faculty. Hence, as a graduate you will acquire skills in written and spoken communication, analytical ability, independent thought, all of which are highly appreciated and valued by employers.