Chittagong Independent University

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CIU at a Glance

Chittagong Independent University (CIU) started its journey in Chittagong in 1999 as an additional campus of Independent University Bangladesh (IUB). IUB and the founding trust pioneered the establishment of private universities in Bangladesh. CIU was formed by the same trust ESTCDT after the amendment by the private university Act. which required that the Chittagong Campus be registered as a separate university. Accordingly, CIU was founded on 6th February, 2013 in succession. CIU is unique among private universities. It has been providing quality education with international setup and world class facilities in Chittagong. CIU has been following North American Course curriculum with open credit system. As a result, students have a better choice to go abroad for higher studies. The faculty members and management personnel are all highly qualified with years of experience and are inherited from the then IUB. The faculty members have obtained degrees from renowned institutions at home and abroad and undertake research activities on a regular basis. They publish extensively in national and international academic journals, attend national and international conferences. Our air-conditioned class-rooms equipped with multimedia and computer facilities, sophisticated Labs and Library have already given us the reputation of having the world class facilities in Chittagong. Ourstate-of-the-art IT facilities and WiFi-networked campus meet the demands of the 21st Century. The academic environment of CIU is complemented by a number of student clubs which organize round-the-year co-curricular events.