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Office of Career Guidance, Placement and Alumni Relations

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Office of Career Guidance, Placement and Alumni Relations

Chittagong Independent University has formed ‘Career Guidance, Placement & Alumni Relations ’ to assist and answer students’ career related queries and needs. In the beginning of professional life some students sometimes feel lost and helpless, they may have thousands of questions, and they need professional help to prepare for the real work world. A little guidance and advising make them confident, organized and competitive.
The newly formed Career Guidance, Placement & Alumni Relations will focus on answering the CIU students query about beginning professional life so that they can become efficient entrepreneur, business professional, social worker, corporate leader or successful employer in course of time.

Our Services

Internship for Credit Program

CGP&AR will try to get CIU students the best internship opportunities matching the students’ interest and career goal. Students gain experience and mentorship in a professional setting through internships in whichever career field they choose. CIU has excellent relationship with almost all of the recognized corporate houses of the city. CIU students have been working everywhere proficiently and employers are welcoming and delighted to host interns from CIU. Undergraduate students who are interested in enrolling for the program please contact:

Workshops, Events, Talks etc.

CGP&AR will arrange different in-house events to provide year round support for career preparation. These events will be offered either directly by the CGP&AR or via specialized and accredited partner organizations such as the American Corner, BSRM, Grameen Phone, Robi, Young One, Berger Paints, Unilever, and other renowned corporate houses etc.

Personal Career Advising

CIU students may schedule a one-on-one advising session for customized assistance. To book an appointment please email at: with “advising appointment” in the subject.

Career Fair & Other Events

We are aiming to organize Career Fairs in which students will meet and interact with a range of prospective employers. The fairs will provide students with the chance to explore opportunities and inquire from employers regarding their projects, recruitment processes, and seek different possibilities available to them.

First Job Fair-2023

Job Circular for the CIU Students

Circular – 1 & Circular – 2

Opportunity for Paid Internship


Contact Person

  • Ms. Rooma Dass, Director In-charge
  • 02333352926, 02333351262, 02333352946, 02333388460,02333356484 Ext-123
  • Room-1404, Minhaj Complex, 12 Jamal Khan Road, Chittagong 4000