Chittagong Independent University

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Vision and Mission


Chittagong Independent University aspires to become a premier institution delivering transformative higher education and research to support sustainable economic growth in the country while ensuring a mutualist relationship with local, national, and global communities.


To produce graduates of global standards by infusing essential knowledge, skills,values and creativity through innovative education and scholarship.

To encourage, support and conduct valuable research responsive to the diverse needs of society, economy and industry.

To create a collaborative relationship with outside communities stimulating exchange of ideas and productive endeavors.

The Goals

CIU's goals are

to produce graduates of international standards with knowledge and skills

to provide leadership in enterprise, public service and welfare

to encourage and support useful research

to create knowledge and

to provide further learning opportunities for adults

The Strategies

The University curriculum and courses of study are progressively revised and adjusted on the basis of their relevance to national needs and the global market demand. The educational quality is maintained by exchange relationships with renowned universities overseas. As a private university, CIU is free to set its own curriculum and methods of procedure and to cooperate with academics at home and abroad.