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Event Date: 12 October,2023
Time: 9.00 A.M.
Venue: School of Science & Engineering, CIU [Google Map- ]
Registration Fees: 500 BDT (For One Event), 600BDT(For Two Events) per team. Each Team must have 3 members.
Certificates & Refreshments will be provided to all the participants
Line Following Robot Competition is for School & College students only
Registration link: Click Here
Competition details, rules are given below. Please follow them sincerely.
For any query regarding the event, contact [ +8801689203271]

ROBO SOCCER Competition


Robo Soccer is a fun blend of soccer and robots. Imagine small, smart machines playing soccer on a mini-field. They can move, pass the ball, and score goals all by themselves. It's a cool way to learn about technology and teamwork while having a blast on the soccer field

A team must have 3 members.
Team members can’t be from different institutes.
Duration of each match:10 minutes. It will be a knockout tournament.
A team is allowed to play with only one robot.
In case the robot moves out of the arena, the robot will be placed at the previous point.
Touching the robot during the game will lead to negative points. Dragging the robot of opposition team out of the ground will lead to negative points.
In case of a draw, team with less negative points will be declared as winner.

Unfair game may lead to disqualification of the team.
The robot should not damage the field. Damaging/harming the arena may lead to disqualification.
Decision of the Event Organizers/Referee shall be treated as final and binding on all and cannot be contested.

Maximum dimension limit of bot is 25cm×25cm×25cm (L×W×H). All the additional parts of the robot (extended arm, curvature etc) has to fit within this dimension.
The motors to be used for the bot’s motion is within the range of 0-600 rpm. It will be checked in different conditions.
Maximum weight can be 3 kg.
The robot must be controlled wireless. Any kind of wired controller is forbidden.
The robot must have an onboard power supply, wired ac/dc adapters are not allowed.
Voltage must not exceed 24 volts of rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries.
Garbing mechanisms are not allowed. It has to control the ball only by pushing with its body.
The ball has to remain outside the perimeter of a robot’s body all the time. It cannot cover the ball with part of its body.
Only mechanical force has to be used. Any type using fire, water, or chemicals is forbidden.
The wireless controller should have its own power supply.

The field has a rectangular form.
The dimensions are around 6 ft (length) by 4 ft (width).
The match will be played with typical tennis ball.

The goalpost is 30cm in width and 20cm in height.

Line Following Robot


A line-following robot is a neat little machine designed to follow lines on the ground. Picture a small robot with sensors that "see" a path marked with a line, much like a road or a track. The robot's job is to stay right on that line, no matter where it twists and turns. It's a simple and fun way to explore the basics of robotics and automation, often used in educational settings to teach kids and enthusiasts about technology and programming.

Robots per Event: One
Robot Weight Range: 500g
Robot Dimensions: W:25cm x L:25cm x H:7cm
Arena Specifications: 4 ft wide by 8ft long approximately
Robot Control: Autonomous
Size and Weight Limits: Dimensional and weight limits for robots shall be strictly enforced. Robots must have passed inspection prior to competing.
Course Time: Time is measured from the time the robot crosses the starting line until the time it crosses the finish line. A robot is deemed to have crossed the line when the forward most wheel, track, or leg of the robot contacts or crosses over the line.
Time Limit: a maximum of 3 minutes is allowed for a robot to complete the course. A robot that cannot complete the course in the allotted time shall be disqualified.
Timekeeping: time shall be measured by an electronic gate system or by a judge with a stopwatch, based on the availability of equipment. In either case the recorded time shall be final.
Autonomous Control: once a robot has crossed the starting line it must remain fully autonomous, or it will be disqualified.
Arena Edges: a robot that wanders off of the arena surface will be disqualified. A robot shall be deemed to have left the arena when any wheel, leg, or track has moved completely off the arena surface
Losing the Line: any robot that loses the line course must reacquire the line at the point where it was lost, or at any earlier (e.g.already traversed) point.
Second Attempt: any robot that loses the line course and fails to reacquire it will be allowed a single reattempt. The robot must start the course again from the beginning, and if it loses the line course on its second attempt it will be disqualified.
Power of Officials: the decisions of all officials regarding these rules and the conduct of the event shall be final.
Course Specifications: The line following course shall traverse a white paper rectangle,44" wide and 96" long. The line shall be a black, 1/2" wide line traversing the arena from end to end. There shall be no crossovers (e.g. places where the line crosses itself).Switchbacks and hairpins are possible, but the adjacent sections of the line shall be no closer together than 15cm when measured from the center of each line. The line course shall have 1 or more sharp right-angle, but no angle will be greater than 90 degrees.

Registration link: Click Here

*Schedule and rules regarding the tournament may get updated until the tournament. Visit the event webpage for update. For any query regarding the event contact :